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What is Corporate Security

Corporate Security is all of the measures that are needed in order to maintain good order and discipline around the Corporate structure. This could be something as simple as installing cameras to your facility or as painful as ensuring the firewalls and cyber defenses of 5000 laptops spread throughout your organization are good to go. Depending on how big your organization may be you may have multiple managers on the ground supervising and ensuring secure continuity through the globe. Most companies break these managers down by regions…LATAM, North A, Asia. Managers are then broken down into responsibilities..regional, site, directors, etc…If your organization is small, under 500 employees and all under one roof then it can be quite streamline.

Corporate Security

A small organization that’s in one place can have one main CSO-Corporate Security Officer that can set policy and systems and then delegate to managers that they be put in place and executed. This one is easier because it’s all under one roof. As the organization is spread out and more structures are in place then he should identify an area manager to manage that site and execute the company’s policies.

If your organization is fractured and you have many areas in play, if the budget permits you should have one dedicated person to the security apparatus that runs that site. All of this depends of course on assets in place, area, personnel count and other factors that drive the amount of security effort that that site requires. Employees need systematic and consistent procedures in place in order to be the most aware and security minded. Enclosed is a brief outline that I use when talking to clients about their programs, it is the minimum of what one should be thinking about within their organization.

Managing the remote worker and their cyber faults is becoming the new headache. Having systems and procedures in place for managing PII – Personal Identifiable Information and just all around cyber slopinnes is going to be key in a post pandemic workplace, some workers will come back to the office but many are going to stay home. What measures can be put in place in order to achieve maximum cyber security for the organization? Here are some clear clear metrics you can track and present to your stakeholders:

  1. Level of preparedness: How many devices on your network are fully patched and up to date? 
  2. Unidentified devices on internal networks
  3. Intrusion attempts: How many times have bad actors attempted to gain unauthorized access?
  4. Security incidents: How many times has an attacker breached your information assets or networks?
  5. Mean Time to Detect (MTTD): How long do security threats go unnoticed?
  6. Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR): What is the mean response time for your team to respond to a cyber attack once they are aware of it?
  7. to see some more metrics go here:

Good Luck!!!!


The difference between a Travel Alert, Travel Advisory and Traveller Warning .



In the context of the world that I live in and move around work wise, it’s pretty simple. When I read a Travel Alert by the State Dept. I interpret that that is a location that was not on their radar for being a prior risk and now recently in the last couple weeks has seen some sort of  crime uptick, more than your usual arbitrary crime that any city would experience. Arbitrary crime being car thefts, muggings, robberies, etc…

A travel warning is when somebody is telling you that if go to City X the chances that you will run into arbitrary crime are high, how high?

Level 1= Exercise normal precautions

Level 2= Exercised increased precautions

Level 3= Reconsider travel

Level 4= Do not travel

These level are laid out under the State Dept. banner of Travel Advisory.

I don’t see the terms travel warning or travel alert anymore on the states website, probably because it left to much for interpretation and people were justifying going to places they should have never travelled to. I think that’s a good call by the state dept. to just say what the intel is pointing to, you can’t deny or dilute the facts in some of these places around the world.

BLUF: If you look western, or don’t look western but exude western behavior, or light complected, you might be a target for just being you. Stay aware, don’t get complacent and treat every place you travel to as a level 2. It could mean the difference. There are going to be times that you slip back to level 1 but that’s ok. Keep level 2 nearby.

BLUF: Bottom line up front!


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